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File: 1491353332646.gif (2.16 MB, 1553x1200, openclosegif.gif)


> Bachelor Thesis by Christian Thomsen
> 54 pages
> 2017
> Photographs by Katarina Juričić
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File: 1492464661100.gif (4.69 MB, 1280x720, lola_maradona_v1_smaller.gif)


> Music Video for Maradona by Lola prod. Fjørsk
> visuals by Guillaume Roux (http://rouxcoucou.fr/)
> 2017
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File: 1492466868610.gif (4.67 MB, 1280x720, magic_gif_v1.gif)


> SIM-Ci-Ty!
> Trading Card Game
> 71 cards
> In collaboration with Carmen Dusmet Carrasco
> Exhibited at Waag Society, Amsterdam
> 2016
> Photos by Katarina Juričić

Playable trading card game dealing with the telecommunication industry on a case study of the Philippines that I designed together with Carmen Dusmet Carrasco. Exibited at Waag Society in Amsterdam in September 2016 as part of the group exposition Borderless States.
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File: 1491837274944.gif (6.29 MB, 1280x720, Ignorance-is-a-Bliss_v2_lo….gif)


> Video (00:31)
> All images taken from Microsoft Operating systems
> 2016

Ever since the iconic Microsoft Bliss, Computer interfaces have had the purpose of immersing us into a comfortable environment.

But why do we need to trick ourselves in order to disregard from the fact that we spend hours in front of technical devices—devices that we are not capable of understanding?

Our addiction to harmony is manifested in this post internet form of escapism.

The images of far away islands distract us from the impending doom of the commodification of the worker in the network society.

The western world is hanging on a single thread, global processes beyond our control are threatening to overthrow the established order and equilibrium.
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File: 1491836823559.gif (5.85 MB, 1280x720, emojification_v4_half-fram….gif)


> Video (01:14)
> Music by Fjørsk
> Exhibited at Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) Rotterdam
> 2017

Video dealing with the appropriation and aestheticisation of (sub)cultural symbols through (social) media. Signifiers like skin colour disappear in the process of -> Emojification.
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File: 1491920815663.gif (3.53 MB, 1280x1127, lukas_free.gif)


> Typeface, Python Script
> 2017

Typespecimen for Woke Regular, and a python script to modify typefaces in Robofont. The script can be used to create animated posters. Typeface and Script available for download below.
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File: 1492261403455.gif (4.93 MB, 1280x853, movingbookz.gif)


> The New Right Aesthetic
> Booklet
> Edition of 20
> 2017
> Photos by Katarina Juričić

The New Right Aesthetic documents the discursive and visual aesthetic of the alt-right on the internet with a focus on neo-right-wing meme culture. Formerly anarchistic and left leaning imageboards like 4chan have become a hub for conspiracy theorists and white nationalists alike in recent years. The birthplace of meme culture now produces and strategically places around the internet, racist and sexist propaganda, subversively packaged in the form of jokes or memes. While a deep mistrust of the establishment, general fear of immigration and perceived endangerment of ones status certainly make up the root of these developments, they were only the beginning: revivals of 20th-century fascist pseudo-scientific theories about racial biology and cultural dilution form the fundament for a deeply antisemitic worldview in which zionists are actively committing genocide on the white race.

The users that laid the base for movements like Anonymous just a few years ago now fight a different battle, dubbed the Great Meme war in characteristic fluctuation between dead-seriousness and ridicule. It came to a preliminary climax when the alt-right’s choice candidate Donald Trump won the 2016 US election. The digital inhabitants of 4chan’s political boards, and it’s more extreme offshoots like 8chan claim today that they significantly influenced the outcome of the election in their favour through the deliberate spread of misinformation and, most of all, memes. And studies show that 4chan, one of the most frequently visited websites in the world, has an non-negatable influence on the rest of the internet.

But some claims go even further. Based on a number of considerably odd coincidences, a new occult of chaos has been born on the fringes of these boards. It’s followers claim that memes can not only change public opinion in the form of classical propaganda but reality itself. They claim to have stumbled upon the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian goddess, the bringer of chaos and light, in the form of a frog meme personified by Donald Trump. Their theories claim that each human thought has the power to change reality, and that collective thought, as it occurs, for example in a meme that is shared miPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1491352132713.gif (4.4 MB, 1280x720, WATERPROOF1280.gif)


> Book for/with Jonathan Hielkema
> 56 pages
> Edition of 50
> In Collaboration with Carmen Dusmet Carrasco, Jonathan Hielkema
> 2017

Drenthe aan Zee is a documentary by photographer Jonathan Hielkema for which I developed the accompanying publication together with Carmen Dusmet Carrasco.

Drenthe is one of the only parts in the Netherlands above sea level. In the light of global warming, Hielkema visits the rural area of Drenthe and asks the locals about the imminent changes to the area; will land-locked Drenthe soon have a beach?

The five main questions of the documentary are rhythmically translated into a publication consisting of original copy and Hielkema’s process photography. The book is printed on waterproof Stone Paper and was released in an edition of 50 together with the documentary in January of this year.

See the whole documentary at http://drentheaanzee.nl
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File: 1492025804355.gif (5.5 MB, 1280x783, screenshot movie documenta….gif)


> Processing Script
> 2017

Script that came out of another project I was working on. Takes screenshots and pastes them. Written in Processing, download link below.
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File: 1493151967985.gif (2.52 MB, 1280x800, reproducablework.gif)


> Essay/Very incomplete typeface
> 205 pages
> 2016
> Photo by Katarina Juričić
> Compression Animation by Arthur Boer and Boris Smeenk

Essay about the contemporary implications of Walter Benjamin's The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. Essay posted below.

For this essay I made a typeface called Stolen Traulha Regulara. It's based on Traulha Regulara by Yoann Minet, a typeface I liked but could not afford, so I used the Image Trace function in my (stolen) Adobe Illustrator version to generate shapes from the sample images Yoann Minet posted on his website. The typeface is available for download below. It's not a very good typeface.
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