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> This is my old website
> Find my new site at https://lukasengelhardt.net
> You can still comment as before
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> Bachelor Thesis
> Magic, Technology and Graphic Design
> Available at https://thesis.lukasengelhardt.net/
> Photos by Katarina Juričić
> 2018

The term magic is very elusive. A lot of people might first think of dragons, dwarves and elves. Others might think of crystals, reiki, and tarot cards. Real, or imaginary, magic seems to be about knowledge and control over the true workings of the world, its hidden powers, and one’s position in it. Etymologically, magic comes from Old Persian and might have described someone able, in possession of power.

Magic has been invested with positive and negative connotations alike through the centuries. Under Christianity, it meant anything to do with paganism or witchcraft and suspected practitioners were burned at the stake. Occult societies, on the other hand, saw magic as the way to spiritual enlightenment. Scholars argue about whether magic and religion can even be treated as different things, and due to its ambiguity the term magic has rarely been used in academic papers since the 1990s.

Colloquially, however, magic is everywhere. And it's ungraspable, not just as a term. Stage magic for example relies completely on the deception of the audience. Magic is something that cannot be explained—whether it’s because one cannot explain it (lack of understanding) or because it actually cannot be explained (supernatural). Magic is something that just works. In this way, magic is quite similar to, for example, technology or the economy—the things we believe in today, instead of magic.

Ultimately, magic is a belief system (or several) and these beliefs have been communicated and upheld through different media. Letters could be shaped into amulets, rituals are held in digital environments. Both images and (hyper)text have even been invested with magical qualities themselves. In these cases image making and magic coincide, and the image maker becomes a magician.

Magic images can be be black boxes or white boxes, and image makers can be black-hat or white-hat magicians. I’m trying find out what makes these images magical and what this magical perspective means for the practice of graphic design. In my thesis I discuss in three parts how magic Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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> Video (06:54) & Installation (Acryl, Fake Leather, Steel, Prints, Ideas Worth Spreading)
> Collaboration with Paul Bille
> Exhibited at Declaring Reason in Meermanno Museum Den Haag
> 2017
> Photos by Natalia Jordanova

Collaboration with http://paulbille.de/ for Declaring Reason at Meermanno Museum The Hague 3.6.–24.9.2017

In response to Joan Derk van der Capellen tot den Pol's 1781 pamphlet Aan het Volk van Nederland, which criticised political corruption and contributed to the formation of a democratic republic in the Netherlands.
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Hi Lukas,
könntest Du Dir vorstellen, mir die Photos zu geben, die Du von der Asa-Arbeit gemacht hattest am Mittwoch abend? Meine Speicherkarte spinnt ://
Würde mich mega über eine Antwort von Dir freuen!
Liebe Grüße aus Kopenhagen,

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> Interactive Waves
> Infinite Design!
> Available at https://borderlessdesign.lukasengelhardt.net/
> Exhibited at Istanbul Design Biennial 2018
> On-site documentation by Natalia Jordanova
> 2017

As more and more refugees arrive on Europe’s shores, their struggle is communicated to us through a flood of beautiful images: professionally taken photographs, well composed and edited for maximum effect. As nothing about the situation changes, the same goes for these images: same props, same scenery, same image treatment—the only variable are the people on the boats.

Borderless Design explores this endless sea of aesthetics by leaving out this variable and focusing on the constants. An endless, interactive collage of rocks, waves and sky—and the occasional orange vest.
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> Identity and Communication
> With Paul Bille
> 2018

Graduation Benefit party with photography department, 20.4.18
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> Book Design for Katarina Juričić
> 2018
> 45 pages
> Documentation by Katarina
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Bin gerade in HH du auch? Wohnst noch Höhenluft
See you

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> 3D scans from Youtube footage
> Video (01:18)
> 2017

You would download a car, of course, we all would. Since the 1980s the entertainment industry has been massively lobbying against what they dubbed piracy—a term that has been firmly established in today’s discourse. But biased terminology cannot hide the fact that copying and stealing are two different thing and with the technical possibilities came downloads and streaming services en masse.

With todays photogrammetric possibilities, a simple video can be enough to create a rudimentary 3d model of objects, places and people. Not only is the world ours but with mankind’s silent conquest of three dimensional space in the form of consumer quad-copters it’s ours for the taking.

Congratulations! Today is your day. Oh, the things you would own. Oh, the places you’d go.
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