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> Collection of essays
> Edition of 30
> 2016

Cover Design for a collection of essays about graphic design history by the second year students of KABK Graphic Design.

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> Video Series
> Pandoras Vox (09:03)
> A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace (05:36)
> Bitch Mutant Manifesto (04:48)
> 2016

Over the course of two months I revisited texts written in the early ages of cyber libertarianism and translated them into a series of video works. Humdog, John Perry Barlow and VNS Matrix all discuss the potential of liberation and democratisation intrinsic to cyberspace, but from very different points of views—and it’s failure. All of their essays were written between 1994 and 1996, in the very early times of the www but their prophetic insights prove to be more relevant than ever today.

In the videos, the texts are viewed through the lens of retro browsers like Netscape, recreated with the help of Rhizomes amazing http://oldweb.today/ and are intercepted by 3D objects that move them into a contemporary context.
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> Typeface & Python Script
> 2016

Typespecimen for two typefaces I made: UpAndComing and AlwaysTired Mono. UpAndComing is a modular typeface written in python and utilising the app Drawbot. Always tired is a monospace typeface that can be used to set code. Typeface and Script available for download below.
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> Billboards, Phone Jammer
> Exhibited at Moving Cities, Moving Type in Fokker Terminal, The Hague
> 2015

Public space has become public order. The airwaves we communicate on are the property of economic entities. Will it soon become illegal to construct buildings with bad network reception? "The Future Is Stupid", in reference to Jenny Holzer's Survival Series from 1983-85, deals with the question of ownership and the relationship between private and public. Who does your phone really belong to?
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